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It's The Little Things | 7 Ways To Show You Care Without Money

Show You Care by doing little acts of kindness
You know, sometimes it's the little things that add up to big things.
Here are 7 you can show someone you truly care about them:

1. Send time with them...

     ...and actually be interested in what's going on in their life.  

2. Acknowledge them

        Acknowledge something awesome about them that many may take for granted

3. Give them a well deserve ego boost

        Tell them they were spot on about something they said and how you reacted.

4. Genuinely ask what they need help with...

     ...then do it.  

5. Your skill is their skill.

        Offer to help them with something you excel at that they don't.

6. Gush on them, slightly

        Tell them a quality they have that you admire

7. Be there when they need you...

        ...even when sleep is on the line.

And there you have it. Seven ways to show someone you genuinely care about them.
Bonus Tip: Show that you know their style.
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