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Self Care | Take Three

Self Care 2019
GO. GO. GO. GO. GO. GO......and go.
It's time to check in with yourself again. Are you neglecting yourself? I'm sure your plate is full, but a little self care will help you to keep on going.
Here are 3 ways reset.

1. Stop. Sit. Breath. Literally

     One minute of six slow deep breaths will activate the calm center in your brain, and deactivate the stress center. The result, a clear and calm mind.  

2. What are you thinking?

             Keeping all those thoughts and plans in your head can be exhausting. Which is why it's good to write down your thoughts daily. Can deep dive in this, or stay on the surface.

3. Stretch for 5 or 10 minutes before bed!

        Gentle stretching, it is bed time after all. Stretching before sleeping can help relieve muscle tension and prevent muscle cramps waking you while you're sleeping. It also helps calm the mind and distract from the stresses of the day.

What do you think? Pretty doable huh?
Here's a bonus tip:
Treat yourself. You're always taking care of of others, treat yourself to something nice. At a lost? Click here and treat yourself to new jewelry. Grab your style now before someone else does. Or, sign up for a chance to win jewelry and discounts on future purchases. Click here to learn more.

Stay Recharge Stay Refreshed Self Care

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