About us

Well, hello there.  As you can see throughout the site, I create and sell jewelry to match your style. I know we may have just met, but please believe me when I say, I only use the best gemstones, crystals, and findings. Each jewelry piece I create and post for sale has passed the Two-Factor Quality Check. What's that? Well, it's a bit personal.

I'm fortunate to have a few people in my life that I value. I've learned, when you value someone, you don't give them crappy gifts and expect them to just accept it. No. You give them quality gifts - anything less isn't even considered. 

I take this same mindset in every product I offer to you. Why? Because I do value, and respect, both who you are and the style you share with the world.

This is the perfect site to buy high quality, low-key earrings that screams style. A bit of an oxymoron? Perhaps. But very accurate. Like most people, I love vibrant colors and you can see this in the gemstones, crystals, and pearls I use. 

What say you? Minimalism with a splash of color? No? Okay fine. Moving on.

I started creating jewelry for the simple reason that it was hard to find earrings that truly fit my style. Not too gawky, not too ugly, or won't cause breakouts (too much info?). So, I decided to just learn and create earrings that quietly screamed me. Of course, I made some for my mama. And what'd ya know? Both her friends, and mines, wanted me to make earrings for them.

After fine-tuning my style, I decided, "I Shall Share My Creations With The World!" And voila! We have this site (we'll going to bypass all the struggles in getting to this point, this is a happy place).

As for the blog, I love knowing the "why" behind why we do, what we do. And then learning how to do it better. Fortunately, there are tons of scientific studies available today that shows the "how" and the "why" of what we do. After learning, why not share in a short and sweet blog post?

 Don't worry, there's more to the blog than me nerding-out on productivity and mindset, there's also posts on The Great Switch- From Full-Time Employee To Full-Time Business Owner, and Life Lessons From Afar (lessons learned from someone else's mistakes or actions).

So, there we are. 

If you're into being in the loop of all that's happening here, both on our blogs, any phenomenally awesome sales (yes, phenomenally awesome) and more things I'm working on, sign up to our email list.

 And yes, for all you English scholars, I do realize the word "nerding" is not in the dictionary. And based on your observation, I'm pretty sure you'll like my blog post, so sign on up.