A Style Everyday About Us

What's it all about?

Jewelry. Specifically, handmade earrings. We mainly use gemstones & crystals in our creations. And the finishing touch usually consist of sterling silver or a brass finish.

If it's a style everyday, do you sell clothes?

No. We sell jewelry to complement your style. And we have enough jewelry for you to have a style everyday.

Why handmade?

Unique-ability, love. We believe your style should be YOUR style. You should be able to confidently wear your jewelry without seeing half the people you meet in a day rocking the same piece as you. Since each piece is handmade, we can't mass produce - giving you a greater chance of having your style, stay your style.

Is it true you have millions of raving fans?

Not yet, but we're getting there. Slow & steady. Help us out by being par of the Free Membership by clicking here. And follow us on Instagram @a_style_everyday & Facebook @astyleeveryday.

Why do you give away earrings once a month?

For self-control. And a bit of a compromise. We'd prefer to give most, if not all, of our creations for free because we know how good it will look on you. But, unfortunately, that's not sustainable. So for now, we're offering one pair of free earring each month. As we grow, we hope to offer more. Help us out by joining the Free Membership. And once you join, you'll have a chance to not only win the free earrings of the month, but get other future giveaways and amazing discounts.

If I win the free earrings of the month, what do i have to pay?

On our end, free is free. So we won't ask you to pay for anything, including shipping and handling. On your end, based on where you live, you may be required to pay some taxes during tax season. So check with your state.