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It had to have happened at least once to you. You pick out the perfect outfit for that big event only to arrive and seeing your outfit pass by you on 20 other people. Okay, maybe not 20, maybe just one other person. But still. It gives you that *ick* feeling.

Now, did you ever have that same situation, but in accessories? Earrings, necklace, bracelets. You thought you picked out your own unique style, only to find literally 20 women, if not more, stealing your "unique" style. That's where we come in.

We use the best gemstones and crystals and bring them all together with sterling silver or a brass finished. We don't mass produce, so there's a higher chance that your unique perfect style, will stay your unique perfect style.


And one more thing you should know: Personally, we don't think your jewelry should out shine you. So, our jewelry pieces tend to be on the petite to medium side. The vibrant gemstones and crystals we use serve to complement your unique style, not overpower it.

The result? From your clothes to your jewelry to your personality, everything will flow together.

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Keep On Styling XOXO A Style Everyday