A Style Everyday FAQ

How can I win the free earrings of the month?

Simply signup to our Free Membership. The winner is randomly selected once a month, and is one of our active members. If you’re not part of the Free Membership yet, click here to sign up now - it usually takes less than 20 seconds. Click here to sign up and start getting perks.

I signed up, but I’ve received no confirmation emails from you. Why?

We hate when that happens. You should have received a email confirming your email address followed by a welcome email. Check your spam folder. It has a mind of its own. If it’s there, great. Add us to your contacts so your email service knows we’re okay. Then, start taking advantage of your first perk!

If it's not in your spam folder, signup again. It’s possible that there was a mistype in the email address entered the first time.

If I win the free earrings of the month, what do i have to pay?

On our end, free is free. So we won't ask you to pay for anything, including shipping and handling. On your end, based on where you live, you may be required to pay some taxes during tax season. So check with your state.

How many times can i win giveaways, including the Free Earrings of the Month?

You can win each unique giveaway once within a calendar year. So, if you won the Free Earrings of the Month giveaways once in a year, you can't win again until next year. BUT, you can win any other giveaways.

Is this one of those drop shipping site? Where my jewelry will be wrapped in bubble wrap?

No. This is not a drop shipping site. And no, the jewelry that you’ve carefully selected & paid for will not be wrapped in just bubble wrap.

Each pair of earrings or necklace is placed in a beautifully designed white box, along with little touches to express my appreciation to you.

Do you offer gift wrapping – for stuff like the holidays or birthdays?

No. But if you purchase jewelry for someone as a gift, you can have it shipped directly to the person. It will be packaged beautifully, and no paper receipt is included in shipping. Your receipt will be emailed to you immediately after you place your order. Of course, we’re dealing with technology, so give it 20 minutes to reach you.

Can I add little notes to gift orders?

No. At this time, you can not add any notes to gift orders. But, there’s always a text, email or phone call you can make to the one receiving the gift. We’re sure they’d love to hear from you.

I prefer my jewelry to be identical down to a hair’s breadth – think machine perfect. Will I get this when purchasing your jewelry?

Absolutely not, love. We mainly use natural gemstones – like jade - not man-made pieces. Because of this, it may not be 100% identical. Each piece has a unique beauty that pairs beautifully with one another.

Also, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted/hand-created. This allows for unique jewelry to be made for you. The benefit of this is showing your style – without seeing everyone else wearing the exact same piece as you (unless, you purchase the same jewelry for you and all your friends - which just strengthens the friendship. Kudos!).

I noticed for the brass earrings, only the actual ear hook is brass, and the wire wrap around the gemstone is copper with a color coating. Why?

Mainly because it looks beautiful against the gemstone. And this beauty will last over time without the fear of oxidation. If you're worried that you may be allergic to this, perhaps consider the sterling silver version of the piece of jewelry you’re interested in. This is assuming you’re not allergic to sterling silver.

If the sterling silver version of the gemstone in question isn’t available, please send us a quick email at hello@astyleeveyday.com. We may be able to create it, provided we have the materials.

I found the perfect jewelry piece here, but I’d like it in gold, do you have this?

Currently, no. Our jewelry pieces are set in either sterling silver, brass, or copper wire colored with a coating of permanent color to maintain its beauty.