Black Onyx | Brass Earrings
Black Onyx | Brass Earrings
Black Onyx | Brass Earrings
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Black Onyx | Brass Earrings

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Description: Black onyx facet gemstone wrapped in the warm color tones of brass metal.

Length: 3 cm (1.18 inches)

Gemstone: Onyx

Metals:  Brass & copper 

To help maintain it's color, copper wire was used and coated with a permanent brass color to wrap the jade gemstone. The ear hook is all brass.

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Please Note:  Due to the natural variations of gemstones the size, color and shape may vary slightly. But your jewelry will always pair well together and be of high quality.



 **Each jewelry piece is created based on the materials available at the time. Once an item is sold out, there is no guarantee that it'll be available again. If you're interested in this piece of jewelry, buy it now before it's out of stock.**




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